Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SHRINE BENEFIT San Francisco - THIS SUNDAY 11/20!!

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An amazing benefit event for Shrine is happening this sunday 11/20 in San Francisco!  With the venue -1015 Folsom (including staff, security, &promotion)- so graciously donated by Adam Antennae & owner Ira Sandler, this super benefit event features an enormous collection of talents in music, art, performance, and multi media, all gifting their art in loving tribute to Shrine.

Here is more info from the event page:

Please join us as we gather to support a beloved friend and esteemed artist, Shrine. We are honored to host the amazingly talented musicians, producers, and artists coming together to support a dear friend in a time of unexpected need. We are presenting this evening of dance and art to share our community support with one of the most special artists and friends we have known. Every bit helps!

We thank the following music and art providers for their support and performance:

Aire Redtree
Bad Unkl Sista
DJ Shawna
Emo Fauxhawks (David Satori & Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique)
Geno Cochino
Karim So
Knowa Knowone
Mortar & Pestle
Ra So
Vau de Vire Society

Additionally, we will be hosting an auction in our lower level. Please visit the downstairs early to view the phenomenal pieces collected, and make a bold offer on new art, and for Shrine!

All donations will be received the night of the benefit and will go directly to Shrine. Though no one will be turned away, we ask that you come offering a minimum of $15 at the door. If you are not able to make it to the event, visit to contribute. Deep thanks for your support!

Click here for the Facebook event page.

SHRINE BENEFIT SF: Sunday 11/20  9pm-3am
1015 Folsom  1015 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Update from Vinny, 11/16

post today from Vinny:

"Sweet Friends of our Beloved,
Shrine just left Esalen after a few days of healing. Lots of organic food, massage and the natural beauty of this place can get downright pushy. Anyway, he's moving slow, taking good care of himself and his hobo heart is full of those lucky enough to be called his family. His recovery is being strengthened by our love for him.

To the man that taught many of us about generosity. Whether it was how hard he works making this world beautiful, or splitting a ham sandwich sitting on milk crates. Let's show him how loved he is by holding him in the Great Heart of Generosity."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Article on Shrine, Read & Share to help raise awareness!

Jordan of The Do LaB wrote a beautiful article via The Do LaB blog about Shrine, the undeniable beacon of love and inspiration he is in our world, and the continued need to raise money for his immense medical expenses due to his accident.  The piece includes interviews from Dream of Lucent Dossier and from Josh and Monica from The Do LaB.  Also featured are great images and video of Shrine.

Please read, enjoy, and pass this along to your friends and people you know who have been touched by Shrine's heART, or that would in a heartbeat.  This has been created to help continue to raise awareness about Shrine and inspire support and donations that will greatly help him during this critical time.

There is also a place for us to leave our comments and stories about Shrine.

Click here for article

Thank you Jordan & The Do LaB!

Friday, October 28, 2011

message from Shrine :)

Thank You all for so much love and support. All the mail and e-mail love, Donations of money and offers of help. ThankYou Dr. Brian Herman for taking the time to help me at a critical moment when feeling and looking dark. A excellent surgeon, Dr. Bruce Chisholm worked on my broken face simply because he was asked by his friend and respected peer Dr. Herman. At Dr. Hermans request, the hospital accepted me at a reduced fee, the amount raised on paypal. I will be back in the game because of Dr. Herman,if you see him give him a hug for me. Thank You again for the Donations of money and all the peeps working on my behalf.

much love, shrine

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated money to raise funds for Shrine!
You also have all helped to make his critical facial surgery possible!

Shrine's facial reconstructive surgery would normally cost over $80,000.  While the surgeon (Dr. Chisholm) agreed to do the procedure for free (AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL) there was then the matter of what the hospital would charge. Dr. Brian Herman, when telling Shrine's story to the hospital administrators, including that he has no medical insurance, told them how a world wide community of all those who love and are inspired by Shrine & his heART is rallying for Shrine by raising funds via a PayPal account.  The hospital miraculously agreed, to not only allow the surgery to take place, they also agreed that his payment could come from whatever funds were raised so far.  As of last week that total was approx. $10,000 -raised in only a week and a half- AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!  These funds will go directly to the payment for the hospital. THANK YOU!!! Other costs are also accruing from the procedure as there will be bills coming in from the anesthesiologist and the radiologist.  The funds being raised in this past week and on forward, plus the funds raised at last weekend's Lucent show benefits + Auction will be used for these expenses. Again, THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU WHO HAS DONATED, in any amount large or small, in any way shape or form.  You are angels for our dear ol' pal Shrine.

Shrine lovers everywhere, Please continue to donate what you can to help Shrine's still existing and surmounting medical expenses.  There are still the original immense ICU hospital bills to be paid, plus other upcoming procedures and treatments Shrine will be needing.

4ever Gratitude to you ALL 

Shrine home and well, after facial surgery

YES! Shrine is now home, again, after a successful maxillofacial surgery, and now is being lovingly taken care of by his kids.  The interior of his face is now well on its road of recovery.  To reconstruct the damage to his facial skull, he has now three titanium plates in there, holding together the broken facial bones, one around his left eye, and the others in the cheek area below. Recovery now entails the muscles rebuilding over the plates and other damaged areas, including the muscles which all the bones of his jaw are connected to. This is the reconstruction that continues now, by his amazing body which over time, builds the muscles, strengthens the bones.  Shrine is home in full resting and recovery mode, with a puddle of black cat love in his lap.  He is so grateful for a wonderful hospital experience at Eisenhower, for his nurses, the specialists on the surgical team, his amazing and very caring surgeon Dr. Chisholm, and overwhelmingly for Dr. Brian Herman who made it all possible.

Thank You Dr. Brian Herman!

We are all so utterly grateful for Dr. Brian Herman, who paved the way for Shrine to have the facial reconstructive surgery he urgently needed. For him finding a maxillofacial surgeon who would do the surgery (for free!), recruiting the surgical team of specialists, and making a brave and mighty case to the hospital to allow it at all, let alone for a fraction of what it would normally cost. And Dr. B continues give his valuable time and expertise to help Shrine, consulting him on his cardio condition, which is incredibly one of his specialties. Dr. Brian Herman, thank you, you are an ANGEL. Endless gratitude for you and your noble golden heart.

SF Benefit confirmed for 11/20

The date and venue just confirmed for the SF benefit! Sunday, November 20, 9pm-3am. 1015 Folsom, and they are donating the entire club. In addition, Ira [the owner] also is donating the staff, security, and promotion.... A huge heartfelt wave of gratitude to Ira Sandler, Adam Ohana & Amber Drop!!! The lineup includes so far: Hopscotch, Shawna, Ra So, Karim So, Kitty-D, 3L3V3N, Geno Cochino, Patricio, Aire Redtree, Goyo, pr.incest, Knowa Knowone, Mikey Fisher, Abai, Rigzen, Swan, Kate Gibson, badunklsista, VauDeVire Society, Lady Bee, Justin Young, and more TBA.....

from Chris Sia

latest news!

word is from Shrine's family that

Shrine had his maxillofacial surgery yesterday evening and it went well !    yes!

when we have more details we will pass them on :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

WONDERFUL NEWS! Shrine's facial surgery scheduled for tuesday!

As you may remember, the hospital Shrine was initially at had planned a reconstructive surgery for the bone structure behind Shrine's left eye, but then canceled it and released him to go home, with the condition of his face (interior) still hanging in the balance, which urgently needs attention. A dear friend of Shrine's Dr. Brian Herman, has graciously connected Shrine with a Maxillofacial Surgeon who has agreed to do the surgery for free! The next step was to get the hospital he works through to allow for this to take place, something that is never ever approved for usually. Dr. Brian made the case with the hospital administrators today, sharing Shrine's story, financial predicament, and urgent need for surgery. Thanks to Dr. Brian the hospital is going to allow for the Maxillofacial Surgeon to do the surgery at a fraction of what it would normally cost, with the money that has been raised through his PayPal donations! With no insurance needed and no more bills afterwards! Shrine's facial surgery (interior) is scheduled for this tuesday 10/25. He wanted you all to know :) And he sends huge thanks to all who have donated, helping to make this crucial procedure possible!

This is awesOme news, and please note that there are other vital areas that Shrine will continue to need treatment for, such as his aorta. Funds continue to be needed for these treatments, his expenses (as he will be not working for months), and of course the whooper of the initial hospital and ICU bill. Please continue to donate what you can, and support (and enjoy!) the beautiful Benefit events that are happening very soon. There are Los Angeles and SF Bay Benefits in the works right now, stay tuned. And of course this very weekend in Los Angeles, the Lucent Dossier Shows that are FULL Benefits for Shrine. (See this post for info)

Love you Ol' Pal!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Benefit for Shrine: Lucent Dossier at the Palace Theater, Oct 21st & 22nd

Lucent Dossier has made their shows this weekend in Los Angeles into Full BENEFITs for Shrine. This Friday & Saturday, at the 100 yr old Palace theater, Lucent performs a full stage show plus a full night Experience of off-stage interactive magic, music, and dancing. There will be a Gallery of Shrine's work to enjoy, Plus a silent auction of art & amazing offerings from Shrine loving artists & practitioners. ALL PROCEEDS go to SHRINE to raise funds for his hugely surmounting medical expenses. Come experience 2 magical nights, and support our ol' pal Shrine, all at the same time.

For more info:

For Tickets:

Facebook Event links:  Friday, Oct 21   &   Saturday, Oct 22

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update from Buddha Monkey, 10/15: Shrine is home!

" UPDATE *** Shrine is home sweet home!!!! surrounded by all the magic he creates... cacti & colored tiles... black cat therapy... old english letters...resting in the very heart of his own creation!!! *** "  ~from Buddha Monkey

Yes! Now it is Full time REST and healing for Shrine.  Please send your love via letters, handmade creations, and other offerings to:

PO Box 41212
Pasadena CA 91114-1212

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update from Buddha Monkey,10/12....

UPDATE .. from the hospital bed side of our beloved friend Shrine..
Our magic man has gotten the final words from a samurai tongued eye doctor that his left eye is very strong and will not need medical attention (insert shrine making tiger face) ... The surgery for the orbit around his eye and broken nose are considered more cosmetic than critical so he is just waiting for his golden window to jump through ... Shrine came outside and laid in the grass in the sun ... A big smile on his face .. Making jokes of looking like a hybrid between Johnny Depp & Keith Richards ...

He is passionate about his recovery and talks of making art with friends in between sips of coconut water and ginger tea...

He still needs to take it easy .. Big time!!... but is a miracle man and is feeling deeply grateful to be surrounded by such enormous support and love from his family and so many dear friends..

The family still request that his place of recovery be private so let's just keep blasting him with all our love!!!!

~ from Buddha Monkey

Friday, October 7, 2011

PayPal account now active!

Shrine's PayPal account is now active and ready for love. Shrine is without medical insurance. Please donate what you can to help raise funds for Shrine's medical bills and other related costs. Every donation with help greatly whether small or large. Thank you so much.

To donate please click the "Donate" button at the right of this page, or for other ways to donate click here.

To wire funds directly into this account, please email for instructions.

You may also mail checks to:    Shrine
                                                   PO Box 41212
                                                   Pasadena, California 91114 - 1212

Thank you!!!!

Shrine is getting better

Update from the hospital just now. Shrinyshrine, the man we love, is improving. They have removed the respirator and he is breathing on his own, they have removed the neck brace and he has been cleared of possible neck and spine injury. This is excellent news. He has asked for the rescue and return of his clown car so he can rebuild, repair and continue rocking the roads inside his art. He has asked to be taken off pain meds so he can begin to heal himself. He is still in ICU, and excepting waves of crystal light sent through your vibrations of good lovin'. The family is still asking for no visitors. Please write letters! You know he loves little random paper pieces scribbled with love, old chewed bubble gum excites him too ;)

mailing address for letters & love

for your letters & offerings that you would like to send to Shrine,
the mailing address is:
PO Box 41212,  Pasadena, California, 91114 - 1212
knowing Shrine, he would love the expressions you make and touch with your hands <3

Ideas for Shrine

Thank you to all the countless number of people have been expressing a desire and intention to organize benefits, gifts, & provisions for Shrine.
Please direct all ideas, proposals, and intentions to
This email address is the place to pool and synergize all of our forces, talents and organization together. *Infinite Love & Gratitude*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally good news*

Word from the hospital just now is that Shrine doing better and is 'out of the woods'. He's still in ICU, his family still requests no visitors but he is on the road to recovery. Keep your prayers high and send your light....

The man we love....

I know Shrine has touched soooooooo many of us. He is pure magic and good medicine.... very strong medicine for my heart at the moment but that's Shrine.

I was able to see him last night, he is in and out of consciousness but he did respond to me when i joked playfully with him. The doctors said that this type of response was very positive and is a clear indication that he has not sustained damage to his brain. His face looks very good, his eyes are both dilating and have mobility though his left eye is very swollen. The damage is to the bone around that eye with several fractures. He has seen plastics and they are caring for his beautiful face. His hands and arms are all good, his legs and feet too. The main concern at this moment is vascular due to the damage to the aorta and stress of the surgery.

I think more than anything we need to see him and hold the image of him as healed and whole, building things, wise talking and being punk rock. That's who he is. That's what this fight is for, his life.

He is one of the wisest people i've ever met. Teacher, father, brother, lover, friend. I can't wait to hear what visions of grandeur he's downloading right now....

Remember every awesome thing he ever taught you and live it.

'Be kinder, everyone is dealing with heavy shit'
'Life is a journey, you never get there, get used to it.'
'Stop whining and do something'
'Humanities heroic awakening'

and my personal fav:
(sorry about the caps, i felt compelled.)

His family is requesting that no one try to visit him at this time. Thanks for respecting their request. Send all your love telepathically, he's magic so know he will receive it.....*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friends and Family of Shrine.

Many of you may have heard that Shrine was in a serious car accident this morning on his way to Joshua Tree. The details of the accident are still unclear but what we do know is that he is in the hospital and underwent surgery to repair a torn Aorta which is the the main artery leading to the heart. Its a very serious operation that he made it through but he is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit. There are also fractures to his face and the extent of that damage is still unknown as the doctors are focusing on the issues with the heart.

Shrine's family is with him and they respectfully ask that they don't have any visitors at this time. Many people are reaching out right now looking for ways that they can help. There will be an account set up soon where people can make donations for medical costs but right now what Shrine needs most is our prayers and positive energy to get through this difficult time.

We set up this facebook group and this blog to keep everyone informed with information that is coming directly from hospital and we will constantly update it when we know more.

Please keep Shrine and his family in your prayers

We Love Shrine