Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated money to raise funds for Shrine!
You also have all helped to make his critical facial surgery possible!

Shrine's facial reconstructive surgery would normally cost over $80,000.  While the surgeon (Dr. Chisholm) agreed to do the procedure for free (AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL) there was then the matter of what the hospital would charge. Dr. Brian Herman, when telling Shrine's story to the hospital administrators, including that he has no medical insurance, told them how a world wide community of all those who love and are inspired by Shrine & his heART is rallying for Shrine by raising funds via a PayPal account.  The hospital miraculously agreed, to not only allow the surgery to take place, they also agreed that his payment could come from whatever funds were raised so far.  As of last week that total was approx. $10,000 -raised in only a week and a half- AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!  These funds will go directly to the payment for the hospital. THANK YOU!!! Other costs are also accruing from the procedure as there will be bills coming in from the anesthesiologist and the radiologist.  The funds being raised in this past week and on forward, plus the funds raised at last weekend's Lucent show benefits + Auction will be used for these expenses. Again, THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU WHO HAS DONATED, in any amount large or small, in any way shape or form.  You are angels for our dear ol' pal Shrine.

Shrine lovers everywhere, Please continue to donate what you can to help Shrine's still existing and surmounting medical expenses.  There are still the original immense ICU hospital bills to be paid, plus other upcoming procedures and treatments Shrine will be needing.

4ever Gratitude to you ALL 

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