Thursday, October 6, 2011

The man we love....

I know Shrine has touched soooooooo many of us. He is pure magic and good medicine.... very strong medicine for my heart at the moment but that's Shrine.

I was able to see him last night, he is in and out of consciousness but he did respond to me when i joked playfully with him. The doctors said that this type of response was very positive and is a clear indication that he has not sustained damage to his brain. His face looks very good, his eyes are both dilating and have mobility though his left eye is very swollen. The damage is to the bone around that eye with several fractures. He has seen plastics and they are caring for his beautiful face. His hands and arms are all good, his legs and feet too. The main concern at this moment is vascular due to the damage to the aorta and stress of the surgery.

I think more than anything we need to see him and hold the image of him as healed and whole, building things, wise talking and being punk rock. That's who he is. That's what this fight is for, his life.

He is one of the wisest people i've ever met. Teacher, father, brother, lover, friend. I can't wait to hear what visions of grandeur he's downloading right now....

Remember every awesome thing he ever taught you and live it.

'Be kinder, everyone is dealing with heavy shit'
'Life is a journey, you never get there, get used to it.'
'Stop whining and do something'
'Humanities heroic awakening'

and my personal fav:
(sorry about the caps, i felt compelled.)

His family is requesting that no one try to visit him at this time. Thanks for respecting their request. Send all your love telepathically, he's magic so know he will receive it.....*


  1. sending so much love... in shock... we are so fragile - i love you shrine!!!

  2. Word from the hospital just now is that Shrine doing better and is 'out of the woods'. He's still in ICU, his family still requests no visitors but he is on the road to recovery. Keep your prayers high and send your light....

  3. Shrine !!! You are such a gift to the world, I am so inspired by your creative energy, I pray for you, Im sure that you will be okay. <3 <3 <3 Much love