Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update from Buddha Monkey,10/12....

UPDATE .. from the hospital bed side of our beloved friend Shrine..
Our magic man has gotten the final words from a samurai tongued eye doctor that his left eye is very strong and will not need medical attention (insert shrine making tiger face) ... The surgery for the orbit around his eye and broken nose are considered more cosmetic than critical so he is just waiting for his golden window to jump through ... Shrine came outside and laid in the grass in the sun ... A big smile on his face .. Making jokes of looking like a hybrid between Johnny Depp & Keith Richards ...

He is passionate about his recovery and talks of making art with friends in between sips of coconut water and ginger tea...

He still needs to take it easy .. Big time!!... but is a miracle man and is feeling deeply grateful to be surrounded by such enormous support and love from his family and so many dear friends..

The family still request that his place of recovery be private so let's just keep blasting him with all our love!!!!

~ from Buddha Monkey

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  1. I really love this sound of this .....puts a smile too on my face~ Sending you my Love....soft hugs